From time to time we all go through periods where we are looking for inspiration to liven up our classrooms and catch the kids off guard by doing something out of the box that grips them. Well, sifting through my twitter feeds today I came across a quite remarkable story from a primary school teacher who quite possibly has imagined, planned and executed the most inspirational, creative and interesting piece of teaching ever!

I’ll leave the rest to Simon to explain:

By the way, he’s an NQT!

Contributed by @simcloughlin

Updated – 17th July

Here’s another example of his inspirational methods:


About Staff

Assistant Head Teacher at a large secondary school in County Durham, UK

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  1. David Didau says:

    I love these sorts of large scale thematic learning days. Definitely inspirational. But what about the small scale, day-to-day learning experience?

    After reading Phil Beadle’s new book Dancing About Architecture, I tried using hula hoops to teach a GCSE Literature set text An Inspector Calls. Here are the results:

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